Most used APIs in top 500 GitHub java projects

Successful frameworks can be measured according to their communities of users. Such usage can bring more clients, and guide framework producers to deliver a better product (e.g., improving a component that faces a decreasing usage).

While it is easy to know how “popular” is a project in number of contributors or fans, it’s quite hard to know how many clients are actually using it.

To cover that, we performed an analysis on the most used APIs in top 500 GitHub java projects. For each class in such java projects, we verified its used frameworks and APIs.

First, we see the 25 most used frameworks in number of client classesOn apiwave you can dig into this data, and explore how more than 250K frameworks/packages/APIs are actually being used.


Next, we see the 25 most used APIs in number of client classes.


Finally, we see the 25 most used APIs in number of client projects.


Our post was inspired by this great post. We complement it by (i) analysing up-to-date data, (ii) showing not only framework but class usage, and, more important (iii) providing the fully possibility to explore the analysed data on apiwave. Have fun!